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Sorriso Italian Pork Store - Review #10 (Astoria, Queens)

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

My day in Queens continued in Astoria at Sorriso Italian Pork Store. This parm came recommended by @jamesromalley. I really enjoyed Lou's, the Italian deli in Denver, but for the most part I enjoy parms from restaurants and pizzerias more than delis. The cutlets in delis usually don't have the proper specifications for a perfect chicken parm. Sorriso kept the trend, with the chicken cutlet too thick and a little dry. But the cutlets did have a tasty breadcrumb coating. The sauce was well seasoned and had tasty, visible pieces of tomato. The best part was the fresh mozzarella that you can see oozing out in the video. The bread was warm and toasted but could have been fresher. Overall this parm gets a #middlethumb. The deli was cool with a lot of tasty-looking meats so it's definitely worth checking out for those.

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