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Cutlets Sandwich Co. - Review #17 - (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

There's a lot of exciting news in the world of chicken parm! For starters, I'm back with my first review in a few months. And second, I'm excited to introduce to the world my new partner in crime -- Miss Chicken Parm. Miss Chicken Parm is not new to the world of parm, as her family owns the famous Italian restaurant Eatalia in Croton in Westchester County, NY. We have a lot of fun announcements coming over the next few weeks so please, stay tuned. Our first review together was Cutlets Sandwich Co in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the McCarren Hotel. For a place with Cutlets in the name, we went in with high expectations . The cutlet was pressed with a flavorful breadcrumb coating. The fresh mozzarella was delicious and melted. The sauce had a nice pop to it but there wasn't enough to cover the sandwich. There were a few bites that didn't have any sauce on it. The whole wheat bread was warm and fresh but could have been toasted a little more. The fresh basil leaves were a nice touch to add a little more flavor. Overall, this was a solid parm and I gave it a #onethumbsup

Check out @misschickenparm for her first review!

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