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Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe - Review #18 (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

I first went to Anthony & Son Panini Shoppe before the pandemic on the recommendation from a friend. I enjoyed the cutlet, and it’s been one of the places I’ve been wanting to go back to review. I’m certainly glad I did. We were casually hanging outside in front waiting for our food when Anthony stuck his head out the takeout window and offered us a potato croquette with a few slices of fresh mozzarella. Two thumbs up for service! Miss Chicken Parm put her interview skills to work, getting Anthony to open up about the secrets to his fresh mozzarella. But we weren’t there to review a potato croquette and slices of fresh mozzarella - we came for the parm. The first thing I noticed on the parm was the generous portion of fresh mozzarella. You rarely see this much fresh mozzarella on a chicken parm. I was impressed. The cutlet looked nicely breaded and pressed. I thoroughly enjoyed biting into this parm. The bread was so fresh and cutlet was delicious. It could have been a little bit crispier but overall the chicken was very good. The sauce was lively with little chunks of tomato. Overall, this was a very good parm and it gets a #onethumbsup. This place is definitely worth checking out, even if it's just to say hi to Anthony. But if you go, you’d be foolish not to get a parm. Anthony recommends trying the FDNY which is a chicken parm with vodka sauce. He even came out and gave us a side of his homemade vodka sauce to try for ourselves. Next time I go back I’ll give the FDNY a try.

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