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"You might think chicken parm is hard to screw up. But its familiarity can breed complacency" 

- Mister Chicken Parm

      Hello Fellow Chicken Parm-ites,

      I’m thrilled you’ve decided to join me and share your passion of chicken parms with me. 

      My love for chicken parms started at a young age in Westchester County, New York. My parents would always take me and my two brothers to the local pizzeria, Amalfi’s. We loved their tomato sauce — a key element in a chicken parm — and we would always start with by dipping our bread in it. Then we would order the chicken parms and usually accompany them with a couple of slices of pizza. Both my parents worked and didn’t like to cook so ordering out Italian food became a routine. When Amalfi's turned from a pizzeria into a high-end restaurant, we needed a new go-to spot. Paese opened in our town and the chicken parm was good but the owner kicked us out because my dad argued about him charging us extra for a soda with no ice, so we decided to never go back. Luckily Dom and Vinnie's opened up, and we also had Lucio's and Ossining Pizza. We would frequent these restaurants so often that we didn’t even have to put in an order. It was as if they started preparing the chicken parm as soon as we walked in the doors. My love for chicken parm has continued into my adult life. It’s not uncommon for me to bike several miles to try a place for the first time.  

      You might think chicken parm is hard to screw up. But its familiarity can breed complacency. For me, the perfect chicken parm has always been about a perfectly sweet, tangy sauce over pressed, tender chicken cutlets with a crispy breadcrumb coating. And of course the cheese, cheese, cheese. Lots of cheese, hot and melted when it comes fresh out of the oven. I won’t stand for cheese that isn’t melted or tastes rubbery. The bread is hard to screw up, but it’s always a bad sign when the bread is stale. 

      Unfortunately, there are too many places out there that fail to achieve some or even all of these crucial components. This is what inspired me to start this site, as a one-stop shop for all you chicken parm lovers out there to find the spots worth checking out. 

      Of course I can’t visit everywhere, so if you have any great spots in mind that I missed then shoot me an email at with the name of the place.  Please also email me if you think you can cook a tasty parm and want to be part of the "Parm @ Home" series. The quest for the best chicken parm will never stop. I look forward to breaking bread with all of you.


Mister Chicken Parm

It's always parm-time

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