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Mister Chicken Parm @ Home

Welcome to the Mister Chicken Parm @Home series. I'm humbled and excited to have the opportunity to taste the parms of some of the most avid Chicken Parm-ites out there. I created this website just for fun, but I appreciate the competitiveness many of you have shown in claiming to have the world's best chicken parm. I'm of the mind that we shouldn't trust such claims until we verify. So I'll be coming to your home (in a mask!) 

As soon as Covid-19 is over we will plan a Chicken Parm-fest: a cookoff between the top reviewees in the Mister Chicken Parm Parm @Home series. I hope this gives you all something to look forward to during these abnormal times. 


To apply for the Parm @Home series please send me an email at with the subject "@Home Application"


I look forward to breaking bread with all of you!


Episode #1 - Sergio Spera

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