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Tony's Pizzeria - Review #14 (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

My director just moved to Greenpoint and was raving about the pizza at Tony's so I figured I'd give the parm a shot. All the food inside looked great, with various flavored slices and garlic knot sliders in the display case. But I was there for the chicken parm, not the pizza. My director gave them the heads up who I was, so the pressure was on. The friendly owner confidently assured me the parm was top notch. When the parm came out it looked delicious. By the end this was one of the messiest parms I've ever had. The bread was lightly toasted and tasted fresh but after two bites was so soaked in the sauce it was falling apart. It might have been sitting in the sauce for a few minutes before I got it. The was a generous portion of cheese sitting in thick layers on top of the sandwich. The chicken in the first two bites was delicious with a tender taste. But a couple of bites later and the chicken had a firm texture, losing its tenderness. There were a few more bites like this which ultimately led to the final review. The sauce was rich and flavorful. The parm started off great, but lost points for the firm chicken I encountered in the later bites. Tony's gets a #middlethumb. I ended up trying the pizza after and it was delicious. Especially the one with the vodka sauce.

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