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Nonnas 1977 - Review #11 (Astoria, Queens)

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Shout out to @mozzarella.mafia for posting a photo from Nonnas 1977 in Astoria that had me dreaming about their chicken parm. My photo skills aren't as great, but it's hard for this parm to not look delicious. Let's get on the important stuff - how it tastes! The chicken was in the cutlet form, juicy, the right thickness, with a breadcrumb coating. It could have had a little more crunch in the coating but the chicken was all around very good. The sauce was great - you could taste the rich, fresh tomato flavor exploding in your mouth The cheese was delicious, nicely melted, with a generous portion covering the entire sandwich. The owner was very friendly - he asked if I wanted basil when I ordered. He said he preferred it without, but the standard sandwich comes with it. I chose to have the basil added - it didn't add much for me in terms of taste but I wanted to try the sandwich the way it was designed on the menu. Overall, this parm gets a #onethumbsup. We sat outside where they have a great, comfortable couch and canopy setup. It's worth checking out for the parm. the outside setup, and the friendly owners.

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