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L&B Spumoni Gardens - Review #12 (Gravesend, Brooklyn)

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

After a long day at Rockaway Beach, my lawyer friend Mike Chek recommended we check out the famous Spumoni Gardens for their Sicilian pizza. The pizza had great reviews, but it was time to put their chicken parm on trial. For a place known for their pizza, the parm was surprisingly good. The chicken was tender, in the cutlet form, with a breadcrumb coating. The coating was a little soft - I prefer it to be crispier. The sauce was well balanced with a fresh taste to it. The cheese was delicious and abundant, dripping off the sandwich from all sides. The bread was toasted and tasted fresh. Overall, this was a solid parm - I'll give it a #onethumbsup. I tried the Sicilian pizza too - it had a mouthwatering soft inside with a crispy coating. They have a big outdoor seating areas with picnic tables. Final verdict - Spumoni Gardens is definitely worth a visit.

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