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Emmy Squared - Review #4 (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

So far all of my reviews have come from recommendations. They've all been great except for Best Pizza (although their pizza is excellent.) Emmy Squared came recommended as well and is more of a high-end restaurant compared to my first few reviews. The first thing I noticed was the round pretzel bun. It did not dissapoint. It was a fun, creative twist and had a delicious pretzel-like taste to it. It was soft and warm. The chicken was also unique with two thick chicken cutlets and a thick, crusty coating. While on a traditional parm I prefer the chicken pounded, this worked well. The sauce had a nice tangy taste to it, but there could have been a little more spread around. The cheese was tasty, melted well and spread evenly. Overall, I liked the creativity so I gave it a #onethumbsup. This would be one of my go-to parms in the neighborhood.

Note: It's $16

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