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Which Tomato Should You Use On Your Chicken Parm?

If you have read my previous blogs, I have talked about cheese at length and how important it is for making delicious chicken parm. But let’s move on to the next crucial component that makes chicken parm the best - the tomato sauce!

Tomato sauce is an important ingredient that lays over your crisply fried chicken and is topped with melting cheese. This means tomato sauce will play a major role in enhancing the texture, taste, and mouthfeel of the whole dish.

So, if you want to make the best chicken parm, you must work on your tomato sauce. Now, making tomato sauce might seem simple but the variety of tomatoes you use will affect the taste. So, let’s take a look at different types of tomatoes that can be used to make a tomato sauce for this classic dish.

San Marzano: With dense, sweet, and almost dry flavor, San Marzano is the classic paste tomatoes. They are typically grown in Italy and are hence a perfect match for this Italian comfort food.

Roma: Although this is popular for canning, they are an excellent choice to make tomato sauce. Most Italian cooking uses tomato sauce made with Roma tomatoes. The only downside of this variety is that it is less sweet as compared to other varieties.

Opalka: If you want to make a flavorful sauce for chicken parmigiana, you can use Opalka paste tomatoes. About 4-6 inches long, these tomatoes offer a far richer taste to the dish.

Amish Paste: With a fresh and sweeter flavor, Amish paste tomatoes can be a great choice for making a sauce. These tomatoes will provide a similar texture to Roma tomatoes.

Polish Linguisa: Bought by Polish gardeners to America, this is a meaty, sweet, and flavorful tomato. This is an excellent choice if you want to make thicker tomato sauce.

Once you have made chicken parm using these tomatoes, don’t forget to hit me up at right away!

I have been visiting different local restaurants, pizzerias, and other outlets that serve the best chicken parm in New York in the quest of finding a winner! I have rated and reviewed these places and the dish to ensure that you have all the information while choosing a restaurant to savor this amazing flavorful dish.

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So, if you cook chicken parm at your home, don’t forget to call me for a taste test! Let’s see if your chicken parm can win despite the odds! And before you leave my website, make sure to check out my chicken parm shop for amazing chicken parm tshirts.

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