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What Type of Wine Should You Serve with Chicken Parm?

Hey fellow Chicken Parm-ites, welcome to this week’s blog post! So, for the past few weeks, I have been talking about different components of our favorite dish chicken parm in detail. Every ingredient contributes to creating this delicious mouth-watering Italian-American dish.

So, you might be thinking what next? How can you make this delectable dish even more delicious? Well, if you have noticed we haven’t talked about one crucial component of this dish. And that is what type of wine best pairs with chicken parm.

When you are serving chicken parm to your guests, pairing it with the right wine will enhance the overall flavor of the dish. Most people think that the type of meat defines the kind of wine. But the wine pairing is largely dependent on the sauces used in the dish. And that’s why white wine is not a great choice for serving with your chicken parm. Make sure to pair it up with red wine.

So, let’s see what type of red wine will go best with your deliciously cooked chicken parm:

Sangiovese - Introduced in America by Italian immigrants in the 1800s, Sangiovese is an Italian style red wine that goes well with chicken parm. This wine is medium-bodied with natural acidity from moderate to high levels. It is typically a fruity wine that brings out the enhanced flavor in the red sauce used in your chicken parm. So, pair your favorite chicken parm with Sangiovese.

Pinot Noir - Amongst all the types of red wines, Pinot noir is the most versatile red wine. The main reason for its versatility is that it is light-bodied, hence it pairs with a lot of dishes. The wine will work with your appetizing chicken parm perfectly.

Merlot - This red wine also pairs well with numerous meat dishes, especially if the meat is grilled or charred. Merlot renders caramel, plum, and black cherry flavorings that pair tremendously well with a lot of dishes. If you are picking a Merlot, make sure to pick cabernet-style Merlot. Also, don’t forget to grill or charr your chicken for making chicken parm.

These three red wines are the perfect choice to serve with your chicken parm. If you serve these red wines with your chicken parm during your next dinner, don’t forget to share your experience with me at

Over the years, I have tasted a wide range of chicken parm from different restaurants and pizzerias in NYC and beyond. My passion for chicken parm grew since my childhood. I used to go with my family to the nearest pizzeria where I was introduced to this amazing dish.

Since then, I have made it a mission to find the best chicken parm in New York by visiting the local restaurants and pizzerias. I also wanted to share my experience of tasting chicken parm with other chicken parm enthusiasts. Therefore, I started my website, Mister Chicken Parm.

On this website, I review and rate all the restaurants and pizzerias that serve chicken parm in NYC and nearby regions. So, if you want to find out the best restaurant in your area, chances are it will be listed on my website. Don’t forget to check out the reviews and ratings.

Also, you can become a part of my journey of finding the finest chicken parm. Participate in my @Home series where you cook the chicken parm and I taste test it! Come with me and other fellow chicken parm-ites on this journey! Let’s find out who cooks the best!

Before you leave my website, don’t forget to check out some cool chicken parm T-shirts and other goodies. Email me at to talk more about love for this amazing food!

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