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What Type of Salad Can You Serve with Chicken Parm?

In the previous blog posts, I have been consistently talking about how we can take our beloved chicken parm to the next level. As much as the ingredients are important to make your chicken parm stand out, so is the side dish.

So, when your chicken is in the oven and you have got around 20 minutes on your hands, why don’t you whip up a great side dish to go with it? I know that your go-to side dish will be some kind of pasta. Although this is a great idea, why not bring some veggies on the plate to pair well with the delicious chicken parm?

Great-looking and tasty salads will not only make your plate complete but will bring attractive colors on the plate. I know that salads have got a bad rapport but let me tell you a few salads that will bring flavor, color and will make your chicken parm even better.

  • Jersey salad: Get some carrots, cabbage, lettuce, croutons, and a vinegar salad dressing. Mix it up to create this amazing Jersey salad. It goes perfectly with your tomatoey, cheesy chicken parm.

  • Zucchini noodle salad: Now that you have ditched your pasta but still craving something spaghetti-like, you can go for chilled zucchini noodle salad. You will get all your fork-twirling satisfaction with this salad along with some greens.

  • Celery and romaine salad with buttermilk dressing: Get that under-rated celery out from your refrigerator and pair it up with romaine lettuce. Add some buttermilk dressing and voila! You have a side dish full of greens and nutrients.

  • Classic Caesar salad: You an’t go wrong with classic Caesar salad. The classic dressing packs a punch of flavor that goes perfectly well with your gooey chicken parm .

  • Rainbow noodle salad: Want to get as many colors on your plate as possible? Prepare rainbow noodle salad. Add different colors such as onion, carrots, lettuce, red cabbage, and cooked yet cold noodles. And you have an amazing plate of rainbow noodle salad.

So, next time when you are cooking up crunchy, crispy, and gooey chicken parm, pair it up with these salads. And hit me up at to share your experience.

Since my childhood, I have been passionate about this amazing delectable dish. I have eaten at several pizzerias, restaurants, and other local eateries but my search for the best chicken parm is still going on!

Along my journey, I have learned about different aspects of this dish and given them my twists. In my blogs, I try to encompass everything I have learned and share it with fellow chicken parm-ites!

While you are on my website, you can check out my ratings and reviews for different places serving chicken parm. And if you cook chicken parm using these tips, participate in my @Home series where I will taste-test your chicken parm.

So, get in touch with me at where we can share our love for chicken parm!

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