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What Type of Pasta Goes Perfectly with Chicken Parm?

Hey, my fellow chicken parm-ites! I am back with my next blog post for this week where I will talk about different types of pasta. Yes, I know you might think that why am I talking about pasta when I am such a huge chicken parm fanatic.

Well, pasta goes perfectly well with my most beloved dish, and hence, I wanted to talk about different types of pasta that would go well with this mouth-watering dish.

Of course, you might already be using spaghetti to accompany your beautifully constructed chicken parm. But there are other varieties of pasta that also go well with the most delicious chicken parm. Let’s look at some of the varieties.

  • Penne: This is the next popular type of pasta after spaghetti. Cylindrical in shape with diagonal cuts, it is perfect for when you are making baked chicken parm. It will hold the thick sauce and will act as a perfect bed for your chicken cutlets.

  • Rigatoni: Looks just like penne pasta but differs due to its square cuts on the end and small ridges on the sides. Again this is a perfect choice for your chicken parm as it will hold your chunky sauce.

  • Linguine: Quite similar to spaghetti, linguine differs from it as it is flatter and longer. Also, linguine is considered as a luxurious pasta. So, you can add a luxurious touch to your chicken parm with linguine pasta.

  • Fusilli: This pasta looks like a corkscrew that allows it to catch bits and pieces of chunky sauces and meat. So, it will add a unique texture to your chicken parm next time you make it.

  • Farfalle: This pasta type has got a shape of a bow-tie giving it a large surface area. It pairs perfectly with cheese and chunky meat sauces. Again, a great addition to your chicken parm.

  • Ziti: This pasta type is smaller than rigatoni and has no ridges. These are also cylindrical with ends cut straight rather than diagonally. This can also be used in making baked chicken parm.

If you try any of these six types of pasta with your chicken parm, hit me up at and let me know how it went!

I have eaten this scrumptious Italian-American dish in several pizzerias since my childhood. At the time, I used to go with my family. But growing up I have visited numerous food outlets in New York and tasted some of the finest chicken parm and some were utter disappointments!

And that’s why I started my website, namely, Mister Chicken Parm to review and rate the different food outlets that claim to offer the best chicken parm in NYC. I have traveled distances just to taste their chicken parm and rate it.

The beauty of this dish lies in its crunchy breaded chicken, vibrant tomato sauce, covered with melting cheese placed over a bed of delicious pasta. And that’s how I rate every chicken parm I eat. No matter whether you are an old restaurant or a new one that has chicken parm on their menu, I might have tasted and rated it! My reviews have only been about the sandwiches so far but soon I will be reviewing the full dish with pasta.

And if not yet, I will be right there in due time! And on this journey, I also bring my fellow chicken parm-ites in two ways. One by writing these informative blogs and second by hosting my @Home series where you cook chicken parm using any chicken parm recipes and call me to taste it!

I am determined to find the most delicious chicken parm in New York and beyond. So, let’s collaborate and see which restaurant or fellow chicken parm-ite has got it! And you have a minute please check out my chicken parm shop to buy some cool chicken parm t-shirts. They make great gifts for any chicken parm lover in your life.

So, get in touch with me at, and let’s chat about chicken parm!

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