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How To Make Delicious Chicken Parm

Hello, fellow chicken parm-ites!

Let’s get back to learning about our favorite dish chicken parm. So, we have talked about different aspects of this dish in detail. We have learned how different ingredients alter the flavor and mouth-feel of this dish.

We also saw what type of wine you should serve that will enhance the overall flavor of the dish. But we haven’t talked about the best way to cook our beloved dish. You might have tried to cook chicken parm before. Tell me honestly, how did it turn out? Did it impress your guests? Did it make the required taste impact?

Since you are reading this blog post, I am assuming it didn’t. Well, you are not alone! Most people think that making chicken parm is easy. But let me tell you that it is not as easy as it looks like. You can ruin this perfectly built dish if you are not careful.

But don’t worry! I am here to help you. I will give you a few tips that will help you cook the best chicken parm that you have ever cooked before. And your guests will be impressed by your cooking skills right away. So, let’s get started!

Breading - The crunchy texture of the chicken parm is achieved with the perfect breading. And the most important part of breading is, of course, breadcrumbs. Now, you might be tempted to use Panko breadcrumbs or stale breadcrumbs. But do you think our delectable dish deserves such treatment? Of course, not!

To get the crunchiest texture, go for freshly baked bread crumbs. Yes, you won’t believe this, but freshly baked bread crumbs will always make your chicken parm crunchy and avoid it from getting soggy. Try it out!

Frying - The next tip is about frying your breaded chicken. The temperature of your oil is of the utmost importance. Too cold, and your chicken will not cook. Too hot and your chicken will burn. What is the ideal frying temperature for evenly fried chicken? The answer is between 375 to 400°F. Keep a thermometer handy to determine if the oil has reached the required temperature. Also, gently lay down your chicken in the oil for even frying. Adjust the temperature as it will lower down after you lay the chicken.

Sauce and Cheese - Now, we have already talked about this to some extent. When it comes to sauce, I have realized that a slow-cooked tomato sauce always works best with chicken parm. This brings out the complete flavor of the tomatoes. And as for cheese, you can use different kinds of mozzarella. But make sure that it is high-quality so that it bubbles perfectly on the best chicken parm. Also, as per my previous blogs, you can use different types of cheese too. Don’t forget to refer to my “types of cheese” blog on my website.

Assembly - Now, the presentation of chicken parm is also of the utmost importance. We feast with our eyes first and then with our mouth. So, make sure to assemble the dish perfectly. Although, assembling chicken parm is straightforward. You can use a casserole dish or a large glass baking dish. What I like to do is layer some sauce at the bottom, layer the fried chicken and then top it up with some sauce again. Layer your favorite cheese generously on the top and melt at 425°F. And voila! Now you have the most perfectly cooked chicken parm on your table. Now, if you cook chicken parm using these tips, hit me up at Being someone passionate about chicken parm since my childhood, I aim to find the best chicken parm in New York and Beyond. Therefore, I visit any restaurant or local eateries that offer chicken parm on the menu.

Also, I want to involve my fellow chicken parm-ites in the journey too. So, make sure to check out the @Home series where I will taste test the chicken parm cooked by you.

So, let’s travel this road of finding the best chicken parm in NYC together. Get in touch with me at to know more.

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