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Fresh vs Low Moisture (Aged) Mozzarella Cheese

Have you had enough of me talking about mozzarella cheese? I hope not, because here's some more info on different types of cheese. As you know, cheese is one of the most important components of the best chicken parm. It can change the mouthfeel and texture of the whole dish.

Mozzarella cheese is pretty standard for most chicken parms. Now, of course, you can’t go wrong with using mozzarella cheese but there is one thing you don’t know. Mozzarella cheese comes in two categories: fresh mozzarella and low-moisture (aged) mozzarella. Both these type of mozzarella cheeses have different textures. Let’s take a look at each one a little closer:

Fresh Mozzarella

Bright white cheese with a pillowy soft texture, fresh mozzarella comes in different ball-sized shapes. This mozzarella is packed with water, brine, or whey and must be consumed in 7 days of production. Fresh mozzarella is best eaten cold and hence it is great to put in your salads. It doesn't melt as easily as the aged mozzarella.

Low-Moisture (Aged) Mozzarella

Another category is low-moisture or aged mozzarella. When fresh moisture is soured for a little longer and carefully dried, you get low-moisture or aged mozzarella. This type of cheese is the most common on chicken parm as it will melt easily and give you the cheese-pull apart moments in your dish. Since it has less moisture, it will last longer and is saltier.

So, next time when you are cooking or eating a chicken parmigiana, don’t forget to think about your mozzarella cheese options and see which one you prefer.

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