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A Love Affair - Italian Food, Chicken Parm, and New York

Hey guys! So, I am back with my next blog post. I have been talking about different ingredients of our beloved dish chicken parm at length. We have deciphered how these ingredients can affect this classic Italian-American dish. But have you ever wondered how did this classic Italian dish become such an important part of New York cuisine? Or more precisely, how did Italian food become such as huge part of New York life?

How did this amazing love affair between New York and Italian food begin? Well, I was struck by this question and thought to search for the answer. And I was blown away by how this love affair was the culmination of Italian immigrants bringing their food culture to New York and the acceptance by this amazing city giving it a place in its heart. So, in the early 1800s, most Italian restaurants that started cropping up in New York were high-end and the food was considered exotic. This made Italian food accessible only to the rich and privileged. This scenario completely changed when in the late 1800s and early 1900s, several southern Italian immigrants started coming to New York. They made Italian food accessible to the local people of New York. This gave rise to several mom-and-pop Italian restaurants that welcomed everybody by offering mouth-watering Italian dishes. This is the same era when we started associating mandolin players, red and white checkered table cloth, and a plate of spaghetti with meatballs and marinara sauce to Italian restaurants. The food became inexpensive and several dishes such as our amazing chicken parm were served.

Another reason that made Italian food so popular in New York was the availability of ingredients in the market. Instead of niche ingredients for regional food, the market sold ingredients for typical and popular Italian dishes.

And that’s how New York started loving Italian food. The city went further and started experimenting with Italian food and made its own. And my love for Italian food also began from such a small local pizzeria that sold the finest chicken parm.

I used to go to this pizzeria with my family and enjoyed this delectable Italian dish with the utmost satisfaction. And I aim to taste chicken parm in New York from every food outlet. No matter the food outlet is big or small, if chicken parm is served, I will taste it.

And that’s not it! I will review the restaurant and the chicken parm served at the food outlet. You can find my latest chicken parm reviews on my website. You can also hit me up at misterchickenparm@misterchickenparm.comif you want to talk about chicken parm in detail.

Of course, I will continue tasting chicken parm in New York and nearby region to find a winner, I also want to involve fellow chicken parm-ites in this journey.

I am accomplishing this goal by starting my @Home series. In this series, you can cook the finest chicken parm using the best chicken parmigiana recipe and call me to taste test it!

I will review your chicken parm on different parameters and give you a verdict. At the end of this series, I will pick a winner. If you think that you can cook the finest chicken parm, then register yourself now. Let’s see if your chicken parm can win!

Also, when you are on my website, don’t forget to check out my chicken parm goodies such as t-shirts. Hit me up at misterchickenparm@misterchickenparm.comand we can chat more!

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